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  New magnetic foils offer design, function and counterfeit protection

Fürth/Germany, 6th October 2009: The stamping foil manufacturer Kurz is expanding its range of decorative magnetic foils. The latest additions are the Twinline Magnetics, Laserline Magnetics and Colorline Magnetics foils. Twinline Magnetics are foils in metallic tones that exhibit a striking color change as the incident light changes. The foils are available in two base colors as well as an overprinted version. The overprinted version is available as a standard design, or can be implemented as a customer-specific design, for example a scatter-printed company logo. According to Kurz, Twinline Magnetics are particularly complex to produce and require special know how. These foils not only lend an exclusive appearance to cards, but also increase their protection against counterfeiting. 


Kurz is especially proud of having developed the Laserline Magnetics foil. According to the company, this product is the only magnetic foil of its kind on the market. The holographic foil offers a glittering rainbow color play that catches the eye. Laserline Magnetics has already been approved by a renowned credit card organization.


Colorline Magnetics are foils in vibrant colors, one of these being an intense white. But why would one need a white magnetic foil? Günther Friedl, the Product Manager for Card Technologies at Kurz, explains: "Customer loyalty cards with winter or Christmas related motifs are often issued towards the end of the year. To use brown magnetic foils for such cards would totally spoil the design. Many a time we have been asked by our customers in the fall whether we might produce a white magnetic foil. We have now fulfilled this request."


Friedl assures that the enhanced design and security of the foils in no way compromises their functionality. "The new design foils are just as easy to process, imprint and read, which is what our customers have come to expect from all Kurz magnetic foils”, he says. One can learn more about the new magnetic foils at the Cartes & Identification trade show in Paris, November 17 to 19, at the Kurz booth C75 in hall 3.


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