Printing Substrates for Cold Foil Transfer in
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Aside of paper and cardboard, the cold foil technology also offers the option to provide heat-sensitive materials with a partial metallic appearance.


Plastic materials such as PE, PP, PET


All commonly used plastic materials for self-adhesive labels, and even flexible packaging can be decorated. As with normal printing of UV inks on polyolefins (PE/PP), a corona pretreatment of the substrate should also be performed prior to cold foiling.


Papers with non-absorbent surfaces


Cold foil can without any difficulty well be applied to smooth, coated paper or cardboard.

In the case of very absorbent materials, however, the adhesive can penetrate into the substrate too quickly, so it is advisable to seal rough material surfaces by pre-printing a primer. 


Special Application Inmold Labelling


Cold foil can also be transferred to stable plastic containers indirectly: by inmold labelling. The motif is transferred to a IML substrate, then labels are punched out from the IMLreel and fixated in the injection molding die and the plastic material is injected from behind. The label is thereby firmly bonded to the substrate. Decorations by inmold labelling may frequently be found on plastic containers for ice cream, margarine, ready-to-eat salads or wall paint.


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