KURZ’s cold foils for sheet-fed offset printing
  Cold foils for sheet-fed offset printing

Our specially-developed foils for cold foiling in sheet-fed offset printing are LUXOR®/ALUFIN® KPS and LIGHT LINE® KS. These cold foils adhere well to oxidatively and conventionally drying adhesives and can be overprinted with a large variety of well known oxidatively and conventionally drying printing systems.


For applications involving UV cold foil adhesives and UV overprinting we recommend the use of LUXOR®/ALUFIN® KPS-OP and LIGHT LINE® KSO.


Economical processing

  • Roll lengths of 8000 to 12000 m
  • Roll widths up to 1040 mm

  • Supply on 6 or 3 inch core

  • Perfect spool quality

  • Customer-specific foil widths for economical production

  • The machines KURZ has installed for slitting long foil rolls produce perfect cut edges

  • Attractive foil pricing for the processor, price advantages compared to laminates and metallized paper


Sensational appearance

  • high edge definition stamping and easy release

  • suitable for transfering fine lines and large areas

  • very high gloss level


Color tones:


LUXOR®/ALUFIN® product family:

  • ALUFIN® (silver)
  • LUXOR® 220 (gold)


LIGHT LINE® product family:

A wide range of holographic designs in the colors:

  • ALUFIN® (silver)
  • LUXOR® 385 (gold)



Further metallic color tones and transparent holographic designs are available on request. A wide variety of colors can also be produced by means of overprinting.



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