Cold foiling in narrow web printing – how to diagnose faults:




Foil transfer irregular across the width

Nip roller uneven over width or damaged

Contact pressure too low

  • Readjust or replace nip roller


  • Increase the contact pressure 


Poor foil transfer
  • Nip roller too soft


  • Contact pressure too low


  • Use harder nip roller


  • Increase the contact pressure


Design not transferred cleanly
  • Too much adhesive


  • Nip roller too soft


  • Adjust anilox roller


  • Increase the contact pressure


Foil not being transferred
  • Adhesive too old, no longer reactive, etc.



  • Replace adhesive
Adhesive not adhering to substrate
  • Adhesive not cured


  • UV lamp too weak

  • Increase the UV lamp output


  • Corona treatment in the case of plastics


Crazing on the design
  • Foil tension too high


  • Foil adhering to nip roller


  • Adjust the foil tension


  • Clean or replace nip roller 


Rough edges and crowning
  • Incorrect print impression settings


  • Incorrect nip roller pressure


  • Adjust print impression settings


  • Adjust nip roller


Pinholes in the decorated design
  • Insufficient adhesive


  • Pressure of nip roller too low


  • Increase the amount of adhesive


  • Adjust the nip roller pressure



Poor scratch resistance
  • Inadequate curing of UV adhesive


  • Increase the UV lamp output


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