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Fuerth, Germany, May 29, 2008: Overprinting and lacquering hot stamping foils has always been a very demanding task, as all processors would agree.

According to foil manufacturer Kurz, much has changed in this regard since the Luxor/Alufin GIO hot stamping foil entered the market. About a year after the product launch the company reports a very positive result. The new foils have proven themselves equally well on a diverse range of substrates, and in conjunction with a wide variety of printing processes and color systems.


In order to achieve good results during overprinting, the hot stamping process must meet stringent requirements. The foil must adhere very well and uniformly to the substrate so no foil particles are released during the printing operation. Furthermore, the foil must produce a high edge definition stamping to ensure there are no loose foil residues at the edges otherwise these particles adhere to the printing blankets and negatively impact print quality. The requirements on the foil are especially high when overprinting with UV-curing inks or lacquers. One problem is that fast-drying ink does not absorb any release agent remaining on the foil. Also, rapid drying causes shrinkage of the color layer. Both of these issues can lead to the ink not adequately adhering to the foil. Luxor/Alufin GIO has been specifically tailored to these requirements. This foil provides reliable adhesion to a variety of both oxidatively drying and UV-curing ink and lacquer systems, regardless of whether the transfer is performed using offset, flexographic, gravure, book or silkscreen printing.


At the Kurz booth C46 in hall 3 at Drupa 2008, you will find detailed information about the properties of the Luxor/Alufin GIO hot stamping foil and expert advice about your upcoming overprinting projects.

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