Design foils for decorating real metal surfaces
  Cost-effective production

Fuerth and Duesseldorf, 24 October 2007: The stamping foil manufacturer Kurz will be demonstrating at K 2007 new laminating foils that allow plain aluminum to be decorated with a wide variety of surface designs. Wood designs, metal designs or even holographic continuous designs can be implemented. Logos, signets and other elements can also be integrated as scattered prints.


The foil can be directly applied to aluminum without prior lacquering, and the foil adheres strongly to the substrate itself. The resulting composite can be deep-drawn to a high degree without tears in the design. This new foil is deepdrawable

to an extent not previously seen.


An ideal application for this laminating foil would be, for example, notebook covers. Manufacturers of these items can apply any desired look to the thin-layered-yet-sturdy aluminum substrate.


"This enables cost-effective production, uncompromised quality and brilliant design to go hand in hand," explains Martin Hahn, IMD Product Manager. It would also be feasible, he believes, to incorporate optical security features into this application. "The foil designs could contain difficult-to-reproduce holograms and OVDs (Optically Variable Devices) that offer a high level of protection against

counterfeiting. Our new laminating foils can not only visually enhance products but can also be utilized for brand name protection," Hahn concluded.


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