Kurz extends surface decoration product family
  Unicolor High Gloss polishes furniture surfaces

Fuerth and Duesseldorf, 24 October 2007: Leonhard Kurz GmbH & Co. KG will be releasing a range of new hot stamping foils for surface decoration at K 2007. One of the new developments is Unicolor High Gloss, a stamping foil for the furniture industry featuring an especially high gloss level. With this foil, Kurz hopes to service the growing demand for high-gloss surfaces.


"Classy tones with a brilliant gloss finish are all the fashion now for furniture whether it be all-black kitchen cabinets; mirror-finish, wine-red living room cupboards or creamwhite, glossy bathroom furniture," reports Rolf Schmidtke, Product Manager at Kurz. "Unicolor High Gloss delivers exceptional gloss effects that accommodate this trend perfectly. The strikingly high gloss level visually enhances furniture items and induces customers to buy them."


Unicolor High Gloss can be produced in a wide variety of colors. Even though the mirror-finish surface appears to be sensitive, the high-gloss foil meets all requirements on furniture surfaces without restriction, according to Schmidtke.

It is scratch-, and UV-resistant as well as being resistant to water, alcohol and household chemicals.


Unicolor High Gloss can be applied to all conventional substrates. To achieve the exceptionally high gloss level, the hot stamping foil is applied by means of a steel calender. The versatile high gloss foil is also available in a vacuum formable grade. This deep-drawable quality allows for threedimensional furniture parts to be decorated and gives them a uniform brilliant gloss.


The easy way to achieve a metallic look


The metallic look has never been so popular, e.g. in the consumer electronics, picture frames and furniture industries. The novel SLM HT (Half Transparent) stamping foil from Kurz offers a new means of achieving metallically shimmering

surfaces in custom color tones. SLM HT is a semi-transparent, metallized, hot stamping foil available in two variants - 5 percent and 35 percent transparency. The color of the substrate shines through the applied foil and, in combination

with the transparent metallization, produces a metallic color tone. This provides a simple means of achieving a variety of metallized surface decorations.


While a metallized stamping foil in a customer-specific color is subject to longer delivery times and minimum or der quantities, SLM HT is available as a standard foil in any desired quantity. Manufacturers can order at short notice the required quantities to fill their orders and decorate their surfaces in a particularly cost-effective manner.


Market advantages to using high-speed foil


When one step in the manufacturing process constrains productivity, it becomes an important cost factor. For manufacturers of plastic profiles, the decoration that occurs after extrusion is usually the bottleneck in the production chain. Conventional hot stamping foils allow stamping speeds of three to five meters per minute. The output of the extrusion machine needs to be significantly reduced due to this limitation.


To eliminate this problem, Kurz has developed new highspeed foils. Depending on the particular profile, these hot stamping foils allow stamping speeds of eight-, to 5-meters per minute. The new stamping foils enable twice the production quantity to be achieved in the same amount of time. This vastly quicker profile production brings substantial cost savings to the manufacturer, providing a competitive



The high-speed foil is available in three product lines: the Woodgrain High Speed natural wood designs, Unicolor High Speed, a wide selection of pigmented unicolors, and SLM High Speed, a range of gold, silver and metallic tones.



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