How to Beat the Counterfeiters
  Brand Protection - detailed version

Fuerth, Germany, February 2009: During economically difficult times it is especially important to offer forward-looking products that are distinctive and that can hold their ground in the market through their unique quality. This uniqueness, however, is constantly under threat. Cheap imitations not only hamper sales of the original, genuine goods, but also damage the image of the brand. Trustseal, the high-level

optical security device from Kurz, makes it easier to distinguish high-value, quality items from counterfeit goods.


Trustseal is a form of Optically Variable Device, or OVD, an element applied to a product or its packaging where a change in incident light results in an image switch. Trustseal differs from other types of OVD in that it exhibits sharper image

contrasts at a wider variety of viewing angles, meaning that a Trustseal is easily recognizable even under unfavorable conditions such as dim or diffuse light. This gives the consumer a simple means of identifying the genuine product. To increase the level of security, special elements such as lenses and contrasts can be integrated into the Trustseal; and these naked-eye effects are backed up with a variety of hidden features, detectable with special viewing tools or under very high magnification.


Improved Security through Constant Development at the Cutting Edge


Kurz is a leading manufacturer of optical security features utilizing unique know-how for both the origination and the production of high-level security devices. The company is constantly refining and updating this know-how so as to offer ever better levels of security in the Trustseal product. Kurz's Trustseal technology is characterized by flexibility in design and functional effectiveness as an anti-counterfeit device. New individual security elements can be integrated into a Trustseal-based authentication programme on an ongoing basis, thereby building up ever new and higher barriers for product counterfeiters. Staying one step ahead of the counterfeiters is the best protection against imitation.


In line with this counterfeit protection strategy, Trustseal is now available with further new, extremely complex and difficult-to-copy features:


Latent Mirror is an element that appears as a simple, mirrored metallic surface under normal viewing conditions. When the Trustseal is viewed at an extremely flat viewing angle rather than front-on, a blue-green design can be seen. When the same oblique viewing angle is maintained and the Trustseal rotated by 90 degrees, a dark-bright contrast inversion occurs between the design and the background.


Latent Flip is an element that exhibits a blue-green design when viewed at an extremely flat viewing angle. When the Trustseal is rotated by 90 degrees with the same viewing angle maintained, the image transforms into another design.


The Anticopy Dynakey feature, when viewed with the naked eye, appears as a matt, patterned field that is distinguishable at almost all viewing angles. When a special filter is placed over the field, a high-resolution image becomes visible.


ConTrust with Channeling exhibits a special combination of image switches. When the Trustseal is viewed front-on, a particular design can be seen. When it is tilted to the left a second design appears, and when it is tilted to the right a variation of the second design appears. When the Trustseal is now rotated by 90 degrees, a dark-bright contrast inversion of the first image appears.


Image for Shelving is a new optical feature designed as an eyecatcher for the retail industry. It exhibits dynamic variations in movements and colors as the viewing angle changes. These movements become visible at various oblique viewing angles as the consumer passes shelves of product. This special effect is particularly advantageous for product presentation: as the consumer strolls through the aisles, the fluid changes in design attract the viewer and send out a suggestive "buy me message.


Visual Enhancement to Trigger Impulse Purchase


The new Image for Shelving effect provides a specific illustration of how security and marketing aspects can be combined. Trustseal can not only be employed as a label for protecting and identifying a product, but also as an effective marketing

instrument. A label incorporating the Image for Shelving feature offers high visual quality, brilliant optical effects, artful designs and striking color and image switches, visually enhancing the product and turning it into a point-of-sale





Latent flip effect under normal viewing





Latent flip with obliquely visible

image flip


Latent flip with obliquely visible

image flip



Dynakey feature seen with the

naked eye



Dynakey feature seen through a



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