Why use cold foiling in narrow web printing?

Cold foiling in narrow web printing is an especially fast and flexible finishing technology. It offers a high level of flexibility when creating the designs, and is also suitable for small print runs. The process is therefore especially attractive for achieving the product varieties, trendy product variations and increasingly popular special packaging expected these days.


Cold foiling is also well suited for finishing mass produced products. Cold foil decoration is an extremely economical option.


Economic advantages

Low upfront costs

No stamping dies are required, only conventional printing plates.


Rapid job changeovers

Machine setting and make-ready times are eliminated. Setup times are therefore very low. Color and design changeovers can be achieved as quickly as with straight printing projects.


Fast decoration process

As a rule, foil transfer occurs inline at close to conventional printing speeds. The speed of rotary narrow-web printing can therefore be utilized to full advantage for cold foiling. Speeds of up to 120m/min can be achieved.


Tangible benefits in label finishing

User defined coverage

Metallized paper always has a full-surface coating. With cold foiling, on the other hand, user defined areas can be covered with foil while at the same time leaving desired areas white. The time-consuming step of preprinting with white, for example in the case of barcode fields, becomes unnecessary. Being able to optional blank out the foil also allows lighter colors to be printed clearly and without compromise.


Deformation-free transfer

No tensioning of the paper occurs when transferring cold foils, even for large-area designs. This allows the labels to be subsequently applied more quickly.


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